Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

When defeated, the mech tumbles into the depths and Lightning heads off with Sazh not far behind. Congratulations on your first Trophy. Skip the camera tutorial and walk down street. The first save point is on your left not far ahead. Once you move on you'll face your first PSICOM soldiers. Fight them and continue. [Ignore the blue portal to your left. Only the Sanctum's forces can use it]. Jump over the wreckage killing any soldiers in your way. A chest is on the left after you jump over the next pile of debris. After the next cutscene head up the stairs on the right to find another chest. Go back down to the street where you'll find another save point in front of a bunch of crates. Jump over both sets of crates and you'll find another chest at the top of the stairs (next to the second set of crates) to the left. Go back down and pass the next set of crates by using the ramp. When you jump back down to street level, there is a chest to your right next to the crates you just bypassed. Modern Warfare 3; A cutscene will begin leading to your next battle. Once the fight begins, skip the the Item System Tutorial. After you're finished the street is destroyed by an explosion. Go back and use the stairs to your left where you'll find another save point. Jump down onto the platform ahead and press O to use the controls and lower it to the next street.

Once you arrive at the fal'Cie, prepare for your first battle with Hope and Vanille. Once finished, use the save point to your left. To your right there's a path leading to the ditched hoverbike and a chest. Go back and go up both sets of stair cases. Another MW3 chest is in a nook to your left. Go to your right and go down the next stair case along (Follow the arrow on your nav map. A tutorial screen explaining pre-emptive strikes will appear. After defeating the enemies, a chest is to your left. From now on, just follow the arrow on your map.


Final Fantasy XIII